Microscopes : A Century of Progress
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Drum Microscope
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One of the earliest microscopes in the EHMHF collection, this monocular drum style brass microscope includes a wooden box and was made in France in the early 19th century.
This was typically a small pocket / travel sized microscope included in a doctor's medical chest or bag.
Although drum style microscopes were first invented in 1730, made from a cardboard tube, and later made of brass, a style similar to the one shown was patented by Henry Craig in America in 1862.
There are no manufacturer's marks on the microscope so the manufacturer remains unknown.
H–6 W–1.75 D–1.75 inches
Additional Information:
This microscope can be viewed along with other late 18th and early 19th century medical artifacts at the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation's exhibit housed at the museum of Rock Ford Plantation, the historic home of Edward Hand, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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